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INNOluxe V2


When INNOluxe hit the haircare world in 2015, its advanced protein technology revolutionised the way hairdressers care for hair while creating standout colours.

INNOluxe V2 came kicking and screaming onto the market in 2018, and blows everything (even our original version) out of the water. With an enhanced AminoBond Complex and the addition of new low weight proteins, V2 rebuilds the structure within each hair and makes it feel fuller, healthier, and more amazing than ever. Discover all our deepest darkest secrets (well, some of them) here.

“INNOluxe makes the impossible, possible.”

Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon and INNOluxe Ambassador

REBOND V2 (PRO only)

ReBond V2 rebuilds and strengthens hair faster than chemical treatments can cause damage, leaving hair spectacularly strong and sublimely healthy. It blends enhanced Aminobond Complex, vegetable protein and Cystine amino acid to carry exceptionally low weight proteins right to the hair’s cortex, creating superstrong sulphur bonds. The result? Hair that’s extraordinarily healthy, with anti-break strength, restored elasticity, locked-in colour, and, if you have curly or permed hair, fabulous curl retention. And if that’s not enough...? ReBond V2 is now available as FOAM for a super-luxurious Stand-Alone experience.


Balance Plus V2 reinforces the work done by ReBond V2, restoring the hair’s optimal pH balance and consolidating the benefits of the ReBond V2 treatment to lock in colour, strengthen EVEN more and rebuild elasticity. It also builds up the hair’s resistance to heat, environmental and physical stresses, leaving the hair feeling full and sumptuous. Oh, and did we mention that the shine is stunning?!


Elixir V2, our amazing, highly concentrated leave-in treatment, uses multiple levels of flexible proteins to reinforce the hair’s strength, boost flexibility and enhance shine. Using Elixir V2 as the final stage in-salon and at home between treatments, the effects of INNOluxe will last longer and hair will enjoy more resistance to physical and environmental stresses. In fact, with Elixir V2’s new heat-active proteins, the hair actually strengthens as it’s dried. Impressive, right?

INNOluxe V2 may be our hero treatment, but it doesn’t end there.

Oh no. Autumn 2018 saw the launch of PLATINUM. Designed for the blondest of blondes to use in-salon or at home between appointments, the PLATINUM range is here to keep those pesky yellowy tones at bay. Jump on over to find out more.