Hair that looks and feels amazing, without having to spend hours in the chair or treating and styling at home… Isn’t that the dream?

We spoke to long-time INNOluxe fan Sophie B about how she helps her clients get that shiny, healthy, FABULOUS hair they love, quickly and easily.

The express INNOluxe salon service

“Many women, and especially working mums, complain about how little time they have” says Sophie. “We find that our express Just a Quickie service is an excellent way to fit in some cheeky me time without disrupting their day to day life”.

Sophie’s guests are encouraged to drop in between 5.30pm until the salon closes so they can enjoy an INNOluxe Stand-Alone treatment, scalp massage, barista coffee and a slab of cake.

“They can pop in on the way home after work or when their husband gets home to look after the kids”, she says. So, how does it work? We’ll let Sophie explain…

“While our guests are at the basins having their Stand-Alone treatment and mini scalp massage, we prepare their refreshments to order. They then have the option of either having the Balance Plus braided in and leaving with wet hair, or having a complimentary rough dry”.

We think this is a great way to encourage clients through the door, and Sophie tells us that it’s not uncommon for her salon to see 4-6 extra guests a day thanks to this service! “Guests come in if they’re having a bad day or are in need of a little TLC”, she says. “It’s great for revenue too. We price this at £25 per treatment and our apprentices run the service. Everyone’s a winner”.

Hand cream for your hair

We were also super-impressed by the way Sophie talks about everyone’s favourite leave-in treatment, Elixir:

“My clients like to think of Elixir as like a hand cream for their hair! They love to top up their hair on the go with a pump of Elixir, whether that’s to nourish, to calm fly-aways or to help with humidity!”

Her top tip is to keep a bottle of Elixir by your toothbrush. “With life being so busy, it can be so easy to forget about treating your hair”, she explains. “By keeping your Elixir by your toothbrush, you’re reminded twice a day to give those locks a pump of the good stuff”!

Super-easy texture, SS21-style

And finally, Spring/Summer 2021 is all about adding texture to your hair, so we’re thrilled to share Sophie’s extra-quick way to extra-texture!

“First of all, dampen your hair slightly from the tap, then apply a pump of INNOluxe Elixir to the mids and ends” she says. “Next, create a loose braid or space buns (Princess Leia buns either side of their parting) and secure with a few pins before bed. Hey presto, the next morning your hair is super nourished with a gorgeous bend! Time saving and soooooo sassy!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Thanks so much Sophie!