With the media doing what the media does, whipping up a frenzy about the cost of living crisis, things can feel a little more ‘doom and gloom’ than usual; especially for business owners.

With the possibility of a global recession coming and the Winter months in full swing, it can feel overwhelming and scary for businesses and our clients alike. These times can be tough for those of us working behind the chair; speaking from experience we tend to absorb the fearful energy of our clients, but our industry has proven time and time again to be recession-proof!

Our beauty industry is worth billions here in the UK, and day to day our services are in high demand. Even with the economic struggles at play, cosmetics and beauty services seem to still flourish, the stats speak for themselves.

WW1, WW2, the 2008 recession, 9/11 and so on, all saw huge spikes in beauty and cosmetic sales!

Let’s talk about the lipstick effect…

This saying dates back to the 1930s when lipstick sales soared. Following WW2 the world experienced a shared economic and political crisis, meanwhile, consumers were said to have been seeking out bright pink and red lipstick; anything with a ‘mood-lifting’ pop of colour.

It was also the start of the iconic red cupids bow makeup trend!

Even if people were cutting back on larger expenses and luxuries, beauty items and services were what made people look and feel good, therefore remaining high on their priority list.

Looking and feeling better holds a huge power; the power to raise our vibration, lift our energy and make us feel all the more confident.

Offer your clients and customers the chance to boost their mood in true INNOluxe style - adding a splash of colour. From the brightest vivid to soft pastels, adding something different into the mix can really lighten their mood, not only in the salon but every time they look in the mirror!

For clients looking to get a slice of the lipstick effect via their hair appointment, adding an INNOluxe V3 treatment will leave their new colour feeling healthy and glossy with that high, Instagram-worthy, shine.

Research shows us that colour can massively affect our moods and emotions. Taking a toll on not only how we feel about ourselves, but also how the colours affect those around us and how they respond to us. It’s clear that in a time that seems all ‘doom and gloom’ to raise your vibrations, and those around you, choose colour!

Now more than ever is the perfect time to introduce your clients to shinier, healthier, brighter hair with INNOluxe.

Jessica Crane
Specialist In Salon Success