It feels like a lifetime since we spoke to CJ at Tangible Hairdressing for this interview. After all, it was way back before the world was talking about face coverings and PPE.

It was a lovely chat though, and we’re SO excited to finally share it with you! When we’re greeted with a big happy “Hello lovelies!” before we’ve even asked the first question, we know it’s going to be a good one…

Hello lovely CJ! Thanks so much for finding the time to answer a few questions. Let’s start off with a bit about Tangible Hairdressing?

Hello! Tangible Hairdressing is me, CJ. I call myself a “Compassionate Hairdresser” because I want to be able to make the person sat in my chair feel loved, cared for and special. I think we all need more of these loving moments in our lives, so I do my best to create it.

I’m based at Nineteen, a collaborative space in the Merchant City area of Glasgow. We’re a mix of barbers and hairdressers and it’s a really lovely space.

The salon space does look fab! How about we throw in a few quickfire questions to get to know you better? Here goes…

First up, straight or curly?

Curly (like me)… duh.

Nice. How about colour… yellow blonde or platinum blonde?

Oh baby, give that golden hue a chance, she can shine just as bright as platinum!

And styling hair, or having your hair styled?

Styling hair every time. I HATE having my hair styled, it never lives up to the expectation!

How would you describe Tangible Hairdressing in just three words?

Compassionate. Excited. Hugger.

And what about your work – how would you describe that?

Well, fantasy colours are my favourite, but I love all colour. I couldn’t do one without another, they’re all exciting in their own ways! And I also cut and style too.

Cutting, styling, colouring – you do it all! Can you share a style you’ve created and tell us a bit about it?

This one is a creation my client Sophie and I named “Fruit Salad” (like the vintage sweets). Sophie loves her hair!

We’d used these colours before on her previous colour, but this time we diluted them to make a pastel tone. I did a wee rainbow of the colours used in the front “money piece” section of the hair – it came out too faint for the camera, but a video of me doing it on TikTok has got over 13k views!

Sophie’s hair fades back to a soft blonde, so we lifted the roots with lightener 20v and INNOluxe, then created custom blends with yellow and pink. My top tip for blending darker colours into lighter ones? ELEVATION!

WE love it! And we love that you used INNOluxe, of course. How did you hear about us?

So Nineteen is a new salon space and, as a team, we wanted to try a new bond builder. After a recommendation, we gave INNOluxe a go and instantly fell in love! It really created a buzz in the salon!

I love INNOluxe ReBond V2 and Balance Plus V2. They’re so incredibly nourishing – you can really feel they’ve worked, you know?

If you could give ANYONE a new style with INNOluxe, who would it be and what would you do?

BILLY CONNOLLY, I don’t even need to think about that one! All I’ve ever wanted is a cuddle and a kiss on the forehead from Billy Connolly so for him that is my fee. I’d love to give him a soft razor cut in a patchwork of pastel cloud paint colours. I think he’d look smashing!

We reckon that’d look fab! Looking through your Instagram feed we can see loads of brilliantly bold, creative looks. Festivals may be on hold this summer, but we can dream… What’s your top festival hair tip?

Shave your heads so you don’t have to worry! And let me colour them before you go…

I am LOVING all of the detailed artwork on shaved heads at the moment, I’d love more of those if anyone is game! If we’re talking trends, I’m also very partial to a floating rainbow – so many possibilities!

Haha love it! And finally, what’s next for you?

This year I’m hoping to learn barbering, take a step into editorial work and learn sign language – I want to be as inclusive as I can be (plus I just think it’s criminal that it isn’t taught in schools).

We checked in again with CJ a couple of weeks ago as she was preparing to go back to work (which wasn’t until 15 July – Scotland’s salons reopening a little later than their friends south of the border) but she told us “I cannot wait to get back and make my clients feel loved and happy again!”.

From CJ, we’d have expected nothing less!

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